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Indie Can Film Festival

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Screening Schedule for September 30th to October 2nd, 2010
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2 - Innis Town Hall - Room 222

Saturday, October 2, 2010 - Innis Town Hall - Room 222


FEATURE  – 7:30PM – 9:00PM


Filming Kelly – 91m, U S A

Directed by:  Tom Renteria
With minimal video equiptment and lots of heart, Filming Kelly was made. It tells the story of a disabled man, Kelly Brady, 53, who's life is revealed before the camera. Although born with cerebral palsy, Kelly still manages to make the most out of his given situation. During this journey, discover a very special person as Kelly shares insight into his family and friends, his passion for sports, his faith in God and most important of all, his love of life.



PROGRAM 8 – 9:10PM – 9:50PM


Sunset to Sunset – 3m, U S A

Directed by:   Kent Hayward
In a city known for its love of cars, one pedestrian with a Super 8 camera walks across Los Angeles, coming face to face with the metropolis instead of watching it blur by through a windshield. The day-long walk down culturally diverse Santa Monica Boulevard, beginning at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard at sunrise and ending at Santa Monica Beach at sunset, inspires filmmaker Kent Hayward to contemplate the changing nature of the city, motion pictures and himself.
Taking one frame of film every 20 steps, the filmmaker condenses a 12-hour walk into three minutes of film. As a result, the short experimental documentary ironically speeds by so quickly that the audience can only absorb snatches of the commentary subtitles, which linger on Hayward’s memories of certain street corners, focus on the people he passes and question what his future in the City of Angels may hold.


Gloria's Silver Crossing – 10m, Canada

Directed by:   Max Fraser
Growing up, Gloria never thought about not having a dad. Later in life, she wanted to know more. Sixty-five years after her dad's death in a World War Two battlefield, Gloria wears the Silver Cross given to her mom as she visits her dad's grave in northern Italy.


Memory of a Forgotten Summer's Day –  4m, U S A

Directed by:   Chris Hite
A visual exploration of memory, experience and recollection.  Reality expires, but the image endures–it overtakes the moment and provides it with flicker, texture, framing.


Little John Country – 11m, Canada

Directed by:   Max Fraser
In aboriginal culture, time and distance often have no real meaning -- from a non-aboriginal perspective. Then along comes an archaeologist/anthropologist who strikes up a relationship with the community and together they hit 14,000-year-old human artifact paydirt, and 40,000-year-old mammoth remains. The story of the 'Little John' archaeological site and the links it has made between aboriginal past and present. We meet the son and grandson of 'Little John,' a respected elder who used the site as a hunting camp, just like his ancestors for thousands of years, and the archaeologist who has worked with them since 1992.


Meltdown in Tibet – 12m, Canada

Directed by:   Michael Buckley
Using undercover footage and stills, Meltdown in Tibet blows the lid off China's huge and potentially catastrophic dam-building projects in Tibet. The film raises disturbing questions about a looming eco-disaster--involving dwindling water resources of the Tibetan plateau. The major rivers of Tibet are at risk from rapidly receding glaciers--due to climate change--and from large-scale damming and diversion, due to Chinese engineering projects. Tibetan nomads are being shifted off their grassland habitat to make way for these projects. Why is China building so many large dams on the Tibetan plateau? What on earth are China's engineers getting up to?