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Indie Can Film Festival

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Screening Schedule for September 30th to October 2nd, 2010
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2 - Innis Town Hall - Main Theatre

Saturday, October 2, 2010 - Innis Town Hall - Main Theatre


PROGRAM 5 – 7:00PM – 8:35PM


Pocket of Heaven –  3m, Canada

Directed by:  Michelle Muldoon
The theme of the music video can best be described as, 'my life as video'. Deborah weaves a hypnotic melody around images of her life with her husband, sound engineer Nick Tyzio, her interests, her values, and even her four-legged friend. Pocket of Heaven is an invitation to visit The Land of Deborah and experience the subtle styles of a new singer/songwriter emerging from the Vancouver, BC scene.


2Bed/2Bath – 18m, U S A

Directed by:  Michael Le Blanc

Set in a 2 bedroom bachelor pad, PETER, an aspiring actor/professional Casanova, tries to hide CARRIE, his one night stand from the night before from his girlfriend FAITH. Desperate for help, Peter strikes a bargain with his beer guzzling/sports obsessed roommate TREVOR to help get Carrie out the door before Faith catches him with his “pants down.” Things don’t quite go as planned and when Faith discovers CARRIE hiding behind the couch, she flies into a rage and in the process holds everyone at gunpoint until she feels she’s gotten her just revenge. Revenge may be sweet in the moment but how long will it last? A writer suddenly awakes in the middle of the night. Inspiration has struck and he must follow its lead. He works through the night on what will be his masterpiece only to find that it will come at a price.


Our Secret Season –  20m, U S A
Directed by:  Andrew Kramp
Based on a true story, a young couple makes a cross-country trip to start a new life and they bring along two friends for the ride. But as one relationship dissolves, another develops, testing loyalties and driving wedges between brothers and friends. Before they can resolve their turmoil, a boating accident claims one of the pairs, leaving the survivors to wrestle with remorse and their own culpability.
The Missing Me – 15m, Canada
Directed by:  Yana Yaseneva
A young girl spends her days visiting her sister in a care centre where a romanticized world is opened and closed., showing the worlds between age, mental awareness, and selfishness.
Ana – 11m, United Kingdom
Directed by:  Mariana Magnavita
Set in the northeastern Brazilian region of Bahia, Ana is a delicate portrayal of a girl’s first venture into adult sexuality.  Ana is a beautiful, young deaf girl. She, along with her brother Pedro, live a quiet and dreary life overseen by their strict mother, who herself is consumed by loneliness and sadness. There is the occasional truck that passes by on the dusty dirt road and the bleating of goats to keep Ana and Pedro company, but life is dull in their isolated house in the Bahia countryside. Until one day their bleak routine is broken. Encouraged by Pedro, Ana hitches a ride into town to attend a party and her naive, sheltered world is shattered. She is introduced to an exotic world of rhythm, bright lights, dancing and men. Having experienced a glimpse of excitement and the unfamiliar, Ana realises that there is a much bigger world beyond her mother’s farmhouse, but one which she may never be part of.
Salsiccia   14m, Canada
Directed by:  Vincenzo Bertillo
An Italian youth struggles to interact with his grandfather through cultural boundaries. Within the mad scramble to prepare a large Italian feast the young boy is forced to prepare salsiccia with his grandfather. Through language, cultural and generational conflicts the grandfather and grandson try and find a common ground and bring the Italian culture and the bond between them closer together.
Directed by:  Nance Nickels
A young man named Dash has his heart broken by his girlfriend , so he decides to go with his friend Reynolds to a speed dating event where he hopes to take his mind off of his problems. Instead, Dash comes in contact with a variety of characters where he realizes that sometimes the relationship is not about the other person but about yourself and what you have to go through to get to the other side, no matter how painful or strange the journey.
PROGRAM 6 – 8:45PM – 10:30PM


Sometimes I Dream of Reindeer –  3m, Canada

Directed by:   Tom Feiler
Imagine a young woman in a hotel room hesitantly getting dressed.  Sensing the presence of her lover, she turns towards him.  He deflects her look.  He is unable to conceal the unknown inner torment that engulfs him.  The weight of his anguish induces the need to escape the present by subconsciously giving birth to a hauntingly lyrical collection of fantastical daydreams: women shedding their skin, floating through the air and feeding reindeer…


The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard –  100m, Canada

Directed by:   Jeremy LaLonde
Documentary filmmaker Paul Shepard is in a funk. Ever since his last award-winning film took the festival circuit by storm he’s been uninspired, unfocused, and just flat out miserable. That is until he gets a phone call from cult-phenomena Sadie, a poet and his former muse. She’s putting her new book out, and it’s all about modern relationships. And that’s all that takes to spark Paul’s interest in exploring that territory for himself.  His skeptical producer Ray, who would much rather Paul make a film about the Panda book he just optioned, doesn’t have much faith in the project. But nevertheless, production starts with Paul’s teenage nephew, Phil, running the camera (providing he can figure out which buttons do what!).  As Paul starts to navigate his own relationship past he discovers that not all is what it seems. Sadie’s new book, “Poems & Thoughts for the Man I Love to Hate” is actually about him. His relationship, with actress/model Haley, didn’t end as amicably as he remembered, and last but not least, Samantha, the girl that got him into his funk to begin with, doesn’t really want to have a whole hell of a lot to do with him – and Paul doesn’t have the kind of closure from that relationship that he pretends to.  If Paul is ever going to understand the modern relationship he’s first going to have to understand himself.



PROGRAM 7 – 10:45PM – 12:15PM


Skorna (The Shoes) – 5m, Sweden

Directed by:   Marcus Thernström Florin, Johan Malmgren
A boy has been bullied and is left alone in the school gymnasium without shoes on his feet. This film is about conscience and reconciliation, following such an event.


Who Dies First ? – 17m, Australia

Directed by:   BJ McBride
A desperate man must commit a desperate act...and all his victims' want is a reason for them to die..? How can he explain it, as much as he knows he must do it or the memory of his daughter's death will never escape be free, he must be trapped by his actions...Yet will his victims let him kill them? Is he strong enough to compete with them and achieve his ultimate goal of destroying them or himself...? Will his wife ever forgive him...Or perhaps the Dice hold the solution...?


Paradise – 9m, U S A

Directed by:   EUI MIN PARK
A man who is fed up with financial issues, gets a lotto ticket hopes to live in the world of paradise.


New Vegas  – 20m, Canada

Directed by:   Rusiko Lomtatidze
In a post apocalyptic future, a renounced showgirl uncovers a mystery that brings down a villainous government.


Interception – 13m, Canada

Directed by:   Keith Hodder
Two spies are set to meet to exchange information of vital importance.  Minutes before the rendezvous one of the spies is captured and tortured.  His captor plans to take his place to intercept the information.  One of the spies on the rooftop is not who he seems to be.


Cafe – 13m, U S A

Directed by:   Norman Magden
An infamous mythical figure exploits his legend by performing an extraordinary show in the heart of a major city at an anonymous cafe for the un-dead.


La Toma (The Take) – 12m, Uruguay

Directed by:   Alfonso Lourido
Every thing is relative to the point of view and reality is always subjected to the number of layers that comprise it.