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Indie Can Film Festival

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Screening Schedule for September 30th to October 2nd, 2010
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 - Innis Town Hall - Room 222

Thursday, September 30, 2010 - Innis Town Hall - Room 222


PROGRAM 1 – 7:30PM – 9:00PM


the Light at the End of the Road 30m, Canada

Directed by:  Walter Ricarte

A beautiful young woman struggles to cope with the death of her mother. Her struggles are further complicated when her mother's sister promises to take care of her. Only until they fulfill her mother's final wish will their life begin anew.


Axis of Evil - 19m, U S A
Directed by:  Anouar Hadj-Smaine
Hossam and Djamel are Two Illegal Immigrants. Hossam, a convenience store clerk, is always harassed by a friendly “Enlightened Bum” for free food, coffee, and cigarettes. The two men are somewhat friends, but one of them (the Enlightened Bum) depends on the other for survival. The “Enlightened Bum” sees LA where he’s lived all his life as a Living Hell, whereas Hossam sees it as a magic place where opportunities are everywhere you look. Djamel on the other hand, has been unemployed for quite sometime and also depends on Hossam for survival. Things get complicated when Hossam loses his Job and when Ron, their Landlord shows up and asks them to pay him for the previous three months’ worth of Rent and threatens to call immigration on them if they don’t comply. Both Hossam and Djamel plead for mercy, but in vain. As it becomes more and more difficult to find work or borrow money, the two Illegals find themselves facing a difficult choice, pay their Landlord his three months’ worth of rent, or take the risk of being reported and deported by immigration…The two decide to rob the convenience store where Hossam used to work, but they’re in for a surprise as Ron, their Landlord, is making a purchase at the time of the robbery.  
Folly - 6m, U S A
Directed by:  Matthew J. Stroud
Vince changes his life after listening to God and rediscovers his faith through April his love interest. April has shown Vince the light of God transforming his life and encouraging Vince to listen to God despite his friends trying to change his mind and making fun of him. Vince decides to end his evil ways and live a true Christian life starting with a special surprise at Christmas dinner. Starring Tony Tarantino as Vince and introducing Loki Johnson as April along with co-starring Italy's Leonard Foti as Vince's crafty friend Stan and Rochelle Russo as April's sassy assistant Lexie.
lunch - 1m, Israel
Directed by:  Irina Golina-Sagatelian
Vlad is an angry lonely 40 years old man. He wants to eat his lunch in quiet but someone drops a small cat near his door and that disturbs Vlad's idyll.
Chenrezig - 11m, Canada
Directed by:  Doug LeConte
Chenrezig explores the relationship between Art, the Sacred, and the pathway of peaceful action.

Buddy You're Not John –  25m, Canada

Directed by:  Devin Meireles

A guerilla filmmaker (Devan Cage) documents the story of his best friend (Jay Winston) who believes that is the incarnation of rock legend, John Lennon and is here to relay the message of his past life that was "Think love, imagine peace".  Determined to save his friend from public humiliation, Devan wants to show Jay a more realistic perception about reincarnation and ultimately prove to him that buddy, you're not John!

FEATURE – 9:20PM – 10:50PM


Golden Times -  90m, U S A

Directed by:   Zach Fletcher

After meeting at a Brooklyn bar James and Jo fall into a relationship that alternates erratically between affection and aggression. As they try to understand their connection their time together grows more intense and they must ask themselves if it is as rewarding as it is challenging.