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The Course (81m, Australia)


North America PREMIERE

Country:  Australia

GENRES:  Comedy, Drama, Coming of Age , Independent, Romantic Comedy

Exact Runtime
01 hr : 21 min : 00 sec

Produced by:  Khrob Edmonds, Miranda Edmonds
Directed by:   Khrob Edmonds, Miranda Edmonds
Written by:    Khrob Edmonds, Miranda Edmonds

Cast:  Khrob Edmonds

BEN is just trying to get through uni but fate and William Shakespeare have other plans for him. When Ben falls completely in love with the most beautiful girl on campus, OLIVIA, all seems lost until he discovers her love of Shakespeare. Ben decides to use the love techniques of the Bard to woo her, transforming himself from your average computer nerd into a sonnet reading, serenading, sword fighting, cross-dressing Shakespearean Love Machine.