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Screening Schedule for September 30th to October 2nd, 2010
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The Future is Now (3m, Canada)


World Premiere

Country:  Canada

FORMS:Experimental, Narrative Fiction, Multimedia, Short
GENRES:Alternative, Avant-garde, Independent, Post Modern, Reality, Art

Exact Runtime
02 min : 42 sec

Produced by:  Victoria Lash
Directed by:  Victoria Lash
Written by:    Victoria Lash

Cast:  Victoria Lash

An aspiring filmmaker and self-confessed techno-junkie rests on a fire escape and reflects on the past decade. Feeling trapped in an industrial area and oppressed by the constant need for financing, she forces herself to work in the stagnant environment of a cubical wasteland. The desire to make a statement is suppressed by the need for capital - without which the independent film project remains just a dream that will never come to fruition. She is “starving for a microsecond and drooling over another megabyte of the pie”. She sees the big picture – in order to make in the future, she needs to drag the future into the present, and she must do this before the future becomes the past.