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The Neurotic Adventures of Elise (5m, U S A)



Country:  U S A

FORMS:  Animation, Short
GENRES:  Comedy, Independent, Art
NICHES:  Hispanic, Latino, Student, Mature/Adult

Exact Runtime
05 min : 27 sec

Produced by:  Patrick Chico
Directed by:  Patrick Chico
Written by: 

Cast:  Patrick Chico (Voice)

A neurotic girl, Elise, waits on the street corner near her school. Things continually go from bad to worse for her as several different occurrences aggravate her paranoia. She has to deal with a buzzing bee, a strung out hippie, government agents, and a creepy pants-less stranger all while trying (but failing) to hide her neuorsis. She is all but finished experiencing these horrible encounters and find herself beginning to relax, for once, until the culmination of these problems comes around and sets Elise off into a blood-curdling spaztic episode