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Screening Schedule for September 30th to October 2nd, 2010
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The Blue Moon Pull (19m, U S A)


World Premiere

Country:  U S A 

FORMS: Television
GENRES :Alternative, Comedy, Avant-garde, Coming of Age , Independent, Romantic Comedy, Culture, Art, Personal Narrative
NICHES: Asian, Asian American, Student, Buddhist

Exact Runtime
19 min : 10 sec

Produced by:  Andrew Kriss
Written by::  young kiim

Cast: Rob Tode,  Abdelmoneim Hussein, Alexandra Cohen-Spiegel, Michale Croce, Pam Feicht,  Peter Gi

'Blue Moon Pull' is a 19 minute romantic comedy. It is a story about a Internet telephone worker, Henry, who is stuck in the monotonous and stress-driven New York call center. Henry's day will be like any other day, until he receives a phone call for assistance from an Aussie bar girl. Before is able to get her number, Henry is violently forced out of his job by his tyrannical boss. Will Henry be able to gather himself together and find his new found love?