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Zombie Werewolves Attack! (71m, Canada)


North America PREMIERE

Country:  Canada

FORMS:  Feature
GENRES:  Comedy, Underground, Horror, B-movie, Cult, Independent, Satire

Exact Runtime
01 hr : 10 min : 53 sec

Produced by: Brendan Whelton
Directed by: Chris Green
Written by:  Brendan Whelton, Chris Green

Cast:  Ginette Gaskin, Marcel Legault, Dany Gehshan

Zombie Werewolves Attack! The name says it all. A hilariously fun B-Movie, full of blood, suspense, and laughs. A cult classic to be. The film is about a small group of friends that are enjoying a party, only to have it crashed by uninvited guests. It turns out that werewolves and zombie werewolves, love the taste of 'Stoner' flesh. After a couple of the friends barely survive the werewolf attack, they learn that it has killed most of the people in their town. Now, surrounded by a town turned into werewolves, they face a difficult dilemma. Can they kill the innocent victims of the wolves, now werewolves themselves, to survive?