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Indie Can Film Festival

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Screening Schedule for September 30th to October 2nd, 2010
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4 - Innis Town Hall - Room 222

Sunday, October 4, 2009 - Innis Town Hall - Room 222

FEATURE – 1:30PM – 3:25PM


25 To Life -   113m, Singapore

'25 To Life' tells the parallel stories of Terence, a twenty-something screenwriter with writer's block, and his fictional alter-ego, Clarence - how each deals with the writing process, the realities of bills & mortgages, their wives' ticking biological clocks, and how they try to save their floundering marriages.



PROGRAM 8 – 3:35PM – 5:05PM


The Dress - 2m, Canada

Under time pressure, a girl decides to fix the stain on her special dress creatively after she spills a drink on it and finds the result dazzling.


Time - 4m, Canada

If you were to stand in one spot in your city for the past one hundred years what would you experience?  Journey through the architectural history of Toronto. See landmarks from the first days of photography transform to full-colour modern day. Some things change, some things stay the same. Experience history.


Bag - 9m, Canada

A lonely man becomes increasingly obsessed with an abandoned garbage bag.


How to become an Empress - 11m, Canada

The story about a poor and unknow German princess Sophia Augusta who becomes a Russian Empress Greate Elaterina.


I Fight Piranhas - 12m, Canada

New friends chat about old friends and kitchen parties while having a kitchen party.


Postcard to Owen Sound - 14m, Canada

Much to the chagrin of Owen Sound residents, international attention is drawn to a hometown waitress who was 'laid off' from her job after shaving her head during a cancer fundraising campaign. Met with often evasive, laconic, if not tight lipped resistance from the locals, the filmmaker is forced to assess the insular nature of this small town. Interviews span from the mayor of Owen Sound to the restaurant owner who dismissed the waitress in question. Ultimately, this film explores community protectionism and mechanisms of small town solidarity under outside scrutiny.


The Blue Moon Pull - 19m, U S A

'Blue Moon Pull' is a 19 minute romantic comedy. It is a story about a Internet telephone worker, Henry, who is stuck in the monotonous and stress-driven New York call center. Henry's day will be like any other day, until he receives a phone call for assistance from an Aussie bar girl. Before is able to get her number, Henry is violently forced out of his job by his tyrannical boss. Will Henry be able to gather himself together and find his new found love?


Pop's Piece - 19m, U S A

(Matt) a young aspiring screen-writer from New Jersey sets out to make it in Hollywood against his father's wishes. At every step of the way, he is fighting to make his father accept his dream however the relationship seems extremely damaged as father does not acknowledge his own son's endeavors. Based on a true Love/ Hate relationship between a father and son packed with a touching heartfelt ending.



FEATURE – 5:15PM – 6:50PM


Beneath the River -  80m, U S A

'Beneath the River' is a penetrating study of human contrasts, self-imposed isolation, life choices, and the many meanings of love. Evan and Sarah are young lovers struggling to survive in an old cottage on a small private island owned but now abandoned by Sarah’s family. Subsisting on what they find in the cottage and what they can steal on the nearby mainland, the pair tries to escape from the restraints of everyday life and lose themselves in their lovemaking -- until an intruder intervenes. The film projects a timeless and socially relevant message about alienation and the consequences of obsessive love.