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Combination Lock (17m, U S A)

Country:  U S A
GENRES:Alternative, Drama, Independent, Mystery
NICHES:African American, Hispanic, Youth/Teen

Exact Runtime
16 min : 40 sec
Produced by:  Pete Guzzo
Directed by:  Pete Guzzo
The last hours of the night has approached for several people's story lines; the sly bartender who attempts to comfort a younger hotheaded woman who has once again been stood up by her husband, an affectionate couple on a date who both have significant others at home, an overambitious Black Jack player who has angered an old Cuban bookie who is coming to the realization that his wife is cheating on him, and a lone runner who is trying to fix his misstep by beating everybody to the scene of the future crime. Each person's actions and miscues will directly and indirectly affect the outcome of the night.