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Screening Schedule for September 30th to October 2nd, 2010
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Pop's Piece (19m, U S A)


World Premiere

Country:  U S A

FORMS:  Short
GENRES:  Family, Drama

Exact Runtime
19 min : 00 sec

Produced by:  Dan Martino
Directed by:  George Anton
Written by:  Dan Martino

Cast:  Dan Martino,Gary Miller Youst, Dave Vij, Derek Baker, Greg Williams, Ivan Crasci, Kaleti Williams, Kelly C. Ryan, Wayne Baldwin

Matt, a young aspiring screen-writer from New Jersey sets out to make it in Hollywood against his father's wishes. At every step of the way, he is fighting to make his father accept his dream however the relationship seems extremely damaged as father does not acknowledge his own son's endeavors. Based on a true Love/ Hate relationship between a father and son packed with a touching heartfelt ending.